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secure-share-api Project

This project uses Quarkus, the Supersonic Subatomic Java Framework.

If you want to learn more about Quarkus, please visit its website: https://quarkus.io/ .

Running the application in dev mode

You can run your application in dev mode that enables live coding using:

./mvnw compile quarkus:dev

NOTE: Quarkus now ships with a Dev UI, which is available in dev mode only at http://localhost:8080/q/dev/.

Packaging and running the application

The application can be packaged using:

./mvnw package

It produces the quarkus-run.jar file in the target/quarkus-app/ directory. Be aware that its not an über-jar as the dependencies are copied into the target/quarkus-app/lib/ directory.

The application is now runnable using java -jar target/quarkus-app/quarkus-run.jar.

If you want to build an über-jar, execute the following command:

./mvnw package -Dquarkus.package.type=uber-jar

The application, packaged as an über-jar, is now runnable using java -jar target/*-runner.jar.

Creating a native executable

You can create a native executable using:

./mvnw package -Pnative

Or, if you don't have GraalVM installed, you can run the native executable build in a container using:

./mvnw package -Pnative -Dquarkus.native.container-build=true

You can then execute your native executable with: ./target/secure-share-api-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-runner

If you want to learn more about building native executables, please consult https://quarkus.io/guides/maven-tooling.

  • RESTEasy Reactive (guide): A JAX-RS implementation utilizing build time processing and Vert.x. This extension is not compatible with the quarkus-resteasy extension, or any of the extensions that depend on it.
  • SmallRye OpenAPI (guide): Document your REST APIs with OpenAPI - comes with Swagger UI
  • WebSockets (guide): WebSocket communication channel support

Provided Code

RESTEasy Reactive

Easily start your Reactive RESTful Web Services

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WebSocket communication channel starter code

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